An excellent ascendant.

MeBer presents its first revolutionary motorized Extra Ergolift chair to ascend and descend stairs. It derives from the successful Extra series, maintaining the main ergonomic and structural features: innovative design, wide use of Hi-Tech materials, extreme easiness of use, lightness and reliability.

Light aluminium alloy
Wireless console
IP65 isolation code
High comfort level

Extra Ergolift Video Gallery

Extra Ergolift sedia scendiscale motorizzata video di presentazione

of Extra Ergolift

An exclusive video to discover Extra Ergolift through the voice of those who designed it and those who tried it directly on the field

Extra Ergolift sedia scendiscale motorizzata video di istruzione

Extra Ergolift Assembly and Use

A detailed video to guide the Rescue Operators in the use of the new Extra Ergolift powered stair chair

Extra Ergolift sedia scendiscale motorizzata video di anteprima

Video Spot

Discover a preview of the new Powered stair chair by MeBer.

A unique chair

No compromise on safety! Everyone who choose Extra Ergolift has a further security: to guarantee the maximum level of safety as required by law. Active and passive safeties ensure a safer work even in critical situations.

Brake off

Extra Ergolift is supplied with an emergency system to safely descend stairs even in case of sudden battery discharging.

Long and high-grip sliding tracks

The Extra Ergolift sliding tracks have a longer length allowing to constantly lay on three steps for better stability and comfort.

High autonomy

Extra Ergolift is supplied with powerful lithium battery that, with 130 Kg load allows to cover 18 stairs of 20 steps each using a single charge.

The powered chair designed for you

Active and passive safeties ensure a safer work even in critical situations.

Securities for operators

Extra Ergolift is designed to prevent injuries during the service and to guarantee maximum efficiency even for weak operators.

Securities for patients

Extra Ergolift allows maximum efficiency in all conditions, ensuring a safe and comfortable transport for patients.

Unmatched stability and safety

The extendable front handles and padded rear bar, the practical covered armrests and the frontal tilting footrest grant a perfect weights distribution and a great stability.

Unique motorization

Extra Ergolift is equipped with a brushless power engine with planetary drive, customized specifically for this device.

Simple and handy

The Extra Ergolift manoeuvrability and easiness of use are enhanced thanks to its weight of only 29 kg.

No compromise

Everyone who choose Extra Ergolift has a further security: to guarantee the maximum level of safety as required by law.

Ideal for evacuating

Extra Ergolift is the ideal device both for evacuating patients and for ordinary services.

230 kg

Extra Ergolift allows a safe transport of bariatric patients up to 230 kg of weight in motorized transport configuration and in manual, both upward and downward stairs.

High quality materials

Extra Ergolift, like all Extra sedan chairs, is produced with high quality light aluminum alloys.

IP65 isolation code

Tested with IP 65 index protection from water and dust, Extra Ergolift can be used under the rain or with adverse weather conditions.

Designed for you

Everything under your thumb! Simple, intuitive and accessible commands.

High autonomy and fast charge

Extra Ergolift is tested to run 18 ramps of stairs, upward and downward, using a single battery charge of one hour.


Everything you need to make your Extra Ergolift fully operational.

Ergolift fixing system

Fixing system
for Extra Ergolift chair

Art. 975

Discover more

Cover for Extra Ergolift

Transpire, dust proof black nylon cover for Extra Ergolift chair

Art. 671-001

Discover more

Head immobilizer

Head immobilizer for Extra Ergolift stair chair

Ar. 670-001

Discover more

Comfort Mattress

Mattress complete with backrest and seat for Extra Ergolift chair

Art. 12098

Discover more

Why is it the best?

The increased length of tracks together with a correct weights distribution guarantee maximum stability and safety both for patients and operators.

Ordinary services

Rescue crews consisting only of women or weak people are able to handle even heavy patients without any effort.


Retrieve from basements no-traumatic patients fastly and safely. With Extra Ergolift a crew, composed by two people only, can evacuate a patient without any difficulty.

Extra Ergolift downloads

Documents at your disposal.


Where can I find usage instructions for Extra Ergolift?

A complete list of videos is available online. These videos explain in an easy way the use of Extra Ergolift and you can find them at this link. You can download a poster in PDF format on which all the commissioning and use steps are indicated; you can download it for free at this link.

What is the maximum load capacity of this chair?

The maximum capacity of Extra Ergolift is 230kg whether it is used with the support of the electric motor or as a normal transfer chair, without the aid of the motorization.

Can i use Extra Ergolift in case of rain?

Extra Ergolift motor and console, i.e. the electrical and electronic parts, are certified with IP65 insulation which guarantees a totally safe use even in the presence of rain or dust.

How many operators are needed to maneuver Extra Ergolift?

For safety reasons, two operators are needed, one at the console, behind the patient, and one positioned frontally. The load for both is however very low and it is therefore possible to employ a crew that does not require additional physical force.



Folded chair thickness




Your new crew mate

Extra Ergolift is the motorized sedan chair designed to make shift and crew management easier and more rational.

A force of nature

Many rescuers often face themselves with limited physical strength. With Extra Ergolift everyone can now give their best... simply pressing one button.

Crews with an extra gear

Organizing shifts and crews is now much more easy thanks to Extra Ergolift. Not every rescuers are physically strong, but with Extra Ergolift everyone are now able to handle patients on stairs.

More efficient and professional

Quality is the “key word”. Whether you are rescuer professional or volunteer, it is always important that the patient’s quality and service perception be at the most.


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