Safe and reliable.

Mercury is designed to be a multipurpose stretcher, suitable for every kind of operation and capable of adapting the way of working of the operators. For this reason it is one of the most appreciated Me.Ber products., so much that it is used every day by thousands of operators all over the world.

Safe-Frame technology: a single piece frame
Foldable loading trolley
with space for object holder
Backrest supported with hydraulic ram, adjustable on infinite positions
The powerful hydraulic piston ensures that the front legs open in any situation, with or without the patient loaded onto the stretcher. This makes it almost impossible that for some reason the opening fails with unlikely effects on the patient, rescuers and equipment.
Simplified loading: Mercury is equipped with devices that simplify loading in order to make the various operations phisically lighter and safer, both for operators and patients.

Video Gallery Mercury

Mercury loading and unloading

Mercury - Loading and unloading

Some simple instructions to carry out the loading and unloading operations from the ambulance in the best way.

Mercury release and operation controls

Mercury 4 - Release and operation controls

Some simple instructions to carry out operations on the release and operation controls in the best possible way.

Ideal in every situation


The large 200mm wheels allow to face the roughness of the ground by reducing jolts that are particularly harmful for a traumatic patient. The minimum height allows easy loading from the ground of spinalized patients.

Bio-Hazard Containment

Mercury has been widely used as carrier for bio-containment systems during the COVID-19 emergency. Its qualities of reliability, load capacity and ease of sanitization made it the best choice to operate in safety also in this context.


Thanks to Trendelenburg position, you can safely manage a patient at risk of shock by allowing the leg to lift for a better blood circulation.


Mercury is perfect also for bariatric patients, thanks to its maximum load capacity of up to 250 kg. Altough this big load capacity, Mercury is light and sturdy.


Mercury has been produced in thousands of units and it is constantly object of implementations to always be in line with the expectations of the most demanding rescuers from all over the world. Mercury is a product that puts safety at the center. For this reason it is the best choice for the structures that must guarantee the health and safety of its operators, patients and also of the ambulance passengers in the event of an accident.

4 rotating wheels

The Mercury range includes models with 4 rotating wheels, easily unlockable with levers located on the front legs.

Intermediate position

For loading the patient directly from the bed or to allow him a comfort sitting.

Base level

To facilitate loading from the floor level or for all cases where the patient is on the ground. Particularly useful for limiting efforts in movement of spinalized patients.

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive controls with safety mechanism.

Maximum versatility

Adjustable backrest and Trendelenburg available on all positions

No compromise

Maximum load capacity of up to 250 kg.

The Mercury range

Available in stainless steel or light alloy, with 2 or 4 rotating wheels.


Steel frame
A strong safety

Art. 7070 Proof - 7072 Proof

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Steel frame and four rotating wheels
Versatile in every situation

Art. 7070/4RG Proof - 7072/4RG Proof

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Mercury Lite4

Light alloy frame and four rotating wheels
Light and reliable

Art. 7080/4RG Proof - 7082/4RG Proof

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Anti-rollover and self-centering

The wheelbase between the front and rear wheels is such as to guarantee anti-rollover in any position.
The large 200mm self-centering wheels facilitate loading onto the ambulance and allow to deal with all types of surfaces.

10G certification: maximum safety in the event of a road accident

MeBer was the first company to certify products to be compliant to the 10g regulations. Many tests are performed with special equipment expecially built for the purpose, this to ensure maximum seriousness in the statements that are given to operators and to the market.

Back protection

Mercury controls and drives are designed for the final users. The safety comes first and then handles, levers, etc are designed to avoid accidents during the usage. The central piston and MeBer construction geometry are designed to correctly balance the loads, in order to avoid an excessive fatigue of the back.

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