Mercury Cinque. Much more than an evolution.

There are things you cannot do. With the other stretchers.

Mercury Cinque is derived from one of the most successful projects in the field of rescue, certainly the Me.Ber product. Most appreciated, the Mercury 4RG. Mercury Cinque is intended to further extend the operational capabilities of the original model by introducing 5-level logic, five heights, as they are commonly called. Mercury Cinque is much more than an evolution!

Experience. Why
a Me.Ber. with five heights?

We know the world of medical rescue because we are part of it since 30 years, side by side with operators and health facilities. Our products are the result of a unique workflow of design and continuous improvement.

200 mm wheels ideal even on difficult grounds
Folding front trolley for moving easily in any environment and circumstance.
The powerful gas spring ensures that the front legs open in any situation, with or without the patient loaded onto the stretcher, making it impossible for the opening to fail and cause serious effects on the patient, rescuers and equipment.
Easy loading: Mercury is equipped with devices that simplify loading in order to make the various operations phisically lighter and safer, both for operators and patients.

Why five levels?

Loading Height


Loading on the vehicle, handling on the ground, final transfer to the emergency room or operating room, treatment or triage on the site.

High Rescue 


Suitable as a resting position. Ideal height for the placement of a spinalized patient.

High Bed


Typical height of a hospital bed or height suitable for seating ambulatory patients. Ideal height to transfer the patient from stretcher to chair and vice versa.

Bed or Sofa


Typical height of a sofa or a bed. This height allows easy transfer of a collaborating patient and simplifies the transfer on the stretcher.

Ground Level Rescue


At only 30cm from the ground, it allows all conventional operations with a maximum load of 250kg.

Mercury Cinque presentation video

Mercury Cinque preview

Mercury Cinque preview

Discover Mercury Cinque main features


The new stretcher as it appeared on the social media

Mercury Cinque preview on social media

The new stretcher as it appeared on the social media

Mercury Cinque, the first and only one in its category to guarantee the possibility of folding the front trolley

The only five-height stretcher with a folding front trolley

Mercury Cinque, the first and only one in its category to guarantee the possibility of folding the front trolley.

Mercury Cinque, prima e unica nella sua categoria a mantenere la portata massima di 250kg a tutti e cinque i livelli

The only five-height stretcher with a constant 250kg maximum load capacity

Mercury Cinque, the only one in its category to guarantee the maximum capacity of 250kg on all five levels.

Safety for patients and operators

Ergonomics for back pain.

The stretcher controls and general ergonomics are designed not to overload the rescuer, especially to relieve the load on the back.

200mm wheels to overcome any roughness.

Greater comfort for the patient and great safety for rescuers who can move easily even in the presence of uneven ground and surfaces.

4 swivel wheels for safe manoeuvring at all times.

Mercury Cinque has all four swivel wheels. A simple command allows the unlocking of the rotation of the front wheels for maximum manoeuvrability.

Reflective decorations.

To improve the visibility of the stretcher in the roadside assistance context at night, reflective stickers were used in various points.

Mercury Cinque is the only
five-height stretcher
with folding front trolley

Access and tight manoeuvring. A challenge for every stretcher.


Like any other Mercury, the Mercury Cinque also has a folding front trolley essential for moving easily in any environment and circumstance. This is no small detail, especially considering that so far no other five-height stretcher has this feature. Why? The answer is simple: because it is designed and built by Me.Ber., designed and built for rescuers.

Mercury Cinque, 5 levels self-loading stretcher with folding front trolley

The only one with folding front trolley

The folding front trolley helps you get through narrow spaces during recovery operations.

4 swivel wheels

Mercury Cinque has 4 swivel wheels, easily unlockable with levers located on the front legs.

Designed for rescuers

Mercury Cinque was designed for first rescuers, with their needs in mind and their suggestions.

Maximum versatility

Adjustable backrest and Trendelenburg available on all positions.

Mercury Cinque is the only
five-height stretcher
with maximum load capacity
on all heights

To make the most of the five heights safely     

Maximum load capacity
constant on all 5 heights

Unlike any other five-height stretcher currently available, Mercury Cinque provides maximum load capacity on all five levels. In this way, patients and rescuers are in a state of maximum safety.

Mercury Cinque, 5 levels self-loading stretcher with folding front trolley

Maximum load*


*220 Kg for aluminium alloy version

Five keywords for excellence



Mercury Cinque adopts MeBer Safe Frame construction philosophy, that is a single frame. Thanks to this important expedient, the structure is extremely sturdy and safe, not subject to impairments/weakening.



All controls have been redesigned to be easy to locate and allow an extremely fast learning.



Solutions such as wheels to facilitate the loading phase, controls, safety devices and many other improvements are intelligent answers to practical rescue needs.


Lifting by step

Thanks to the 5 heights it is possible to perform a multi-step lift by alternating resting positions.



The maximum load capacity of 250kg on all 5 positions is made possible by high quality materials and cutting-edge engineering solutions.

Accessories for bariatric recovery

Mercury is perfect also for bariatric patients, thanks to its maximum load capacity of up to 250 kg. Altough this big load capacity, Mercury is light and sturdy.


Mercury Cinque has a wide range of accessories allowing it to adapt to your every need. The equipment shown alongside includes:

10G certified

Mercury Cinque is the result of the experience gained in nearly 20 years of development on 10G Proof technologies. Thanks to 10G certified products, operators are protected both physically and in terms of liability in the event of accidents.

Mercury Cinque range

Four variants, in stainless steel or aluminium alloy, and with high or standard loading height 

Art. 7075/4RG Proof

Art. 7077/4RG Proof

Art. 7095/4RG Proof

Art. 7097/4RG Proof

Download area

Documents at your disposal.


Anti-rollover and self-centering

The wheelbase between the front and rear wheels is such as to guarantee anti-rollover in any position.
The large 200mm self-centering wheels facilitate loading onto the ambulance and allow to deal with all types of surfaces.

10G certification: maximum safety in the event of a road accident

MeBer was the first company to certify products to be compliant to the 10g regulations.

Back protection

Mercury controls and drives are designed for the final users. The safety comes first and then handles, levers, etc are designed to avoid accidents during the usage. The central piston and MeBer construction geometry are designed to correctly balance the loads, in order to avoid an excessive fatigue of the back.

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