Risk is in the air... and in vehicles.

Those who work in medical emergencies are more exposed to risks. Why?

The Coronavirus pandemic has clearly highlighted how dangerous the transmission of infectious diseases is. For rescuers and all people who attend medical emergency facilities, exposure to risk factors is therefore very relevant. This is why we have developed a line of products to combat biological risk.
Three safe, easy and reliable products ... just like specific products for medical-health sectors must be.

Sterilair, Sanimeb, Orma.


This new system has been designed for easy use by all people. Ideal for any type of environment, it has the purpose of making each operator autonomous, in the environmental disinfection phase, always in maximum safety. From today you can treat your whole structure, without having external interventions and repeat this activity whenever you want.

Sanimeb, dispositivo per la sanificazione di ambulanze, veicoli e ambienti.
Maximum effectiveness recognized in combination with its special liquid
Electroventilation unit calibrated for the nebulization of specific detergents
5 liter tank
To work effectively without interruptions
Simple and practical
The use of SANIMEB PLUS is very simple and the nebulized jet has a length of about 5 - 10 meters. The forced circulation of air is ensured by special silent fans

The importance of a safe environment


  • The treatment of ambulances and other vehicles used in healthcare and beyond is of central importance in preventing the spread of infections.
  • Timely and frequent treatment limits the proliferation of pathogens to ensure maximum safety for operators and patients.
  • Many materials and surfaces are not designed for easy sanitation due to their composition or the fact that they are located in places that are not easily accessible.


  • Places frequented by many people such as waiting rooms, gyms, shops, etc. pose the problem of the spread of a wide range of potential sources of infection.
  • Workplaces where people remain for a long time increase the risk of infection due to prolonged exposure.
  • Fixed disinfection systems offer good results, but have "shadow cones" risking not to treat critical areas of the operating environments.


  • A good rule of thumb, especially following the COVID-19 emergency, is to operate a thorough and continuous disinfection.
  • The same is advisable after any prolonged inactivity of the clinic.
  • The cheapest, but proven, alternative to disinfection services performed by specialized companies is to perform the disinfection yourself


Ideal for treatment between one patient and another and at the beginning of the shift

SANIMEB PLUS is an aerosol nebulizer that generates very thin micro particles, able to guarantee perfect expansion in any point of the room. The device is light, handy and very easy to use. Thanks to a system composed of an electro-ventilation module group with advanced powerful ventilation, it is able to spray special concentrated detergents and saturate very fast time even large spaces. Thanks to a sophisticated metering valve, SANIMEB PLUS is able to produce various nebulization densities, from 20 to 60 microns, according to requirements. The device is composed of a technological group and a special material plastic tank with capacity up to 5 liters.

Sanimeb, dispositivo per la sanificazione di ambulanze, veicoli e ambienti.
Reduction or elimination of biological pathogens that are brought in clinics by patients and operators
Treatment of environments and surfaces even between one patient and another
Able to reach even hidden points

The importance of a complete system

SANIMEB PLUS is a system composed of a nebulization device and a special liquid. It is a disinfectant detergent based on triamine technology. The liquid does not contain alcohol or quaternary ammonium.

Broad-spectrum activities

Effective in contrasting numerous pathogens.

High performance detergent

Excellent microbicidal results, and effective against the microorganisms that cause tuberculosis.

Tested effectiveness

Recommended for multiple uses, is ideal for medical offices, for hospitals, for the treatment of surfaces, floors and equipment.


Airborne contamination has always been a serious problem in our society; in fact, there are many airborne diseases.

Meningitis, diphtheria, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, mumps, to get to the simple flu, colds and new forms of flu that have appeared in recent years are some examples of diseases that also spread through the air. In some environments the problem of airborne transmission is particularly critical, especially those places where there is a high density or turnover of people (public places, meeting places, schools, kindergartens etc.), or healthcare or surgical environments. All these infections are increasingly frequent, so much so that in some cases they are even defined as pandemics, generating high costs and major social problems. Based on the recommendations of the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), environmental biological treatment systems can immediately be applied to reduce the risk of airborne viruses spreading, which is why such devices can be used in any environment.

Sterilair, Trattamento biologico dell'aria
Output grind
The treated air is expelled from the outlet grid thus reducing the microbial load in the environment.
Irradiation with UV-C rays
The mercury vapour tubes produce irradiation for maximum germicidal action
Dust filter for primary purification from coarse pollutants


Biological air treatment

Safe for people.

No dispersion of radiation and ozone into the environment.

Absolutely risk-free for humans since there is no leakage of UV-C radiation from the device.

Continuous disinfection.

For constant protection in any environment.

The air in any environment is treated and purified continuously, during all work phases and in the presence of operators.


Maximum protection according to your needs.

Programme SterilAir Pro to switch on a couple of hours before your arrival until the end of the day.

Biological insulation of footwear

ORMA is a fully automated device that applies a made-to-measure thermo-reactive film to ensure many practical, technical and economic benefits.

ORMA is an elegant high-tech device controlled by a microprocessor chip, with programmable controls and commands. The process of applying the shoe covers is extremely straight-forward; simply place your foot in the device chamber. An optional support beam is available to help keep your balance during the application of the shoe covers. ORMA automatically creates the shoe cover. When a shoe is placed in the chamber, the heating system is activated and creates a shoe cover immediately, following the contours of the shoe to create a perfectly enveloping, completely isolating protective barrier. The shoe covers are waterproof and do not impede movement of the user. Being plastic, the shoe cover lasts much longer than those made of imitation fabric.

Orma, isolamento biologico delle calzature
Convenient support handle (optional)
Automatic shoe isolation, suitable for all types of footwear and all sizes
Easy to use with minimal maintenance


Shoe isolation


Place your foot in the space provided.


Press your foot down firmly so that the film completely wraps around the bottom of the shoe.


Lift your foot (if necessary, lean on the optional support to keep your balance).


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