MeBer presents Extra Lite Zena, the first, revolutionary, compact sedan chair capable of operating where it is impossible with other chairs. Zena is incredibly compact and light, but does not detract from the safety of operators and patients. The particular design is made to allow maximum maneuverability in tight spaces, such as the stairs of old houses or spiral staircases. In addition, a careful ergonomic study was performed in order to subject the operators to loads mainly on the vertical axis, against the minimum use of lifting muscle force alone.

Light aluminium alloy
Innovative levers with horizontal opening
Large rear 200 mm wheels for maximum comfort and brake on the front
A special material ensures patient comfort and stability


The accessibility of the stairs has always been a big problem in picking up and relocating a patient to his home. The modern up / down chairs, possibly in the motorized versions, are an irreplaceable aid, but often they cannot be used for the most banal reason: there is not enough space to move. So what to do? Ask Zena for help: the new ladder chair that incorporates the most advanced construction technology, the best materials and a design studied side by side with the operators.

Aged buildings

Especially in the historical centers the accessibility of the stairs is precarious and Zena gives its best.

Trains and coaches

In case of recovery of patients from within a vehicle, Zena is an excellent ally.


Even the narrow aisles of airliners are not a problem for Zena which can be used effectively as an evacuation device.


Household elevators, also present in many communities, can be used thanks to the compact dimensions of Zena.

New rear levers

The distance of the levers is greater than normal sedan chairs and this avoids, even to burly rescuers, from reaching backwards the arms

The best shape

The bent shape of the levers allows to deal with narrow spaces with more flexibility, in particular at the turning points on the landings.

A real revolution

The particular shape and positioning of the rear levers are a real revolution! The operator can thus position himself with the body very close to the patient, but can count on a length such as to decide whether to operate in front of the gear or from the shoulders. In this way, it is the operator who chooses the most suitable way of working for the unpredictable situations ahead.

To the test on impossible stairs

Ascent and descent even in tight spaces

Removable levers and rear levers to adapt to any situation

Maneuvering spaces minimized in complete safety

Maximum safety for operators and patients

Unique features

Fits the trunk of an economy car

Zena is so compact that it can be housed in the trunk of an economy car.

Load capacity

Extra Lite Zena is able to safely transport bariatric patients up to a weight of 230 kg.

Maximum material quality in just 13 kg

Extra Lite Zena is built in special aeronautical aluminum alloys to minimize weight and facilitate transportation.

200mm rear wheels

Large rear wheels for maximum comfort and brake on the front, ideal when transporting the chair closed in the lift.

Comfort padding

A special material ensures patient comfort and stability.


Everything you need to make your Extra Lite Zena fully operational.

Extra fixing system

Certified fixing system
for Extra chair

Cod. 960

Discover more

Adjustable thoracic belt

Adjustable thoracic abdominal belt with MeBer band and 4 points fastening

Cod. 612/AN-2/MEB

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Left extractable lever

Extractable left lever with ergonomic handle for Extra chairs

Cod. 171J

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Right extractable lever

Extractable right lever with ergonomic handle for Extra chairs

Cod. 172J

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Why is it unbeatable in narrow spaces?

Zena is the only chair expressly designed to operate in tight spaces. All the levers and devices with which it is equipped are specifically designed to facilitate the recovery and relocation of patients in situations unthinkable with other chairs.

Crafted as rescuers want it

These non-professional photos were taken by the operators who collaborated with us in the product testing and refinement phase. They clearly show how Zena adapts perfectly to the most difficult situations, leaving operators free to operate with maximum flexibility and safety.


Zena is an excellent all-in-one solution, meaning that thanks to its unique compactness it can be used in all situations. With a weight of only 13kg, it can be easily transported even by physically ill-equipped rescuers.

Beside, shape comparison with a standard sedan chair

Extra Lite Zena downloads

Documents at your disposal.


How many operators are needed to maneuver Extra Lite Zena

Two operators are needed.

What is the maximum load capacity of this chair?

The maximum capacity is 230kg and for this reason Extra Lite Zena is suitable for the transport and relocation of bariatric patients.

How big is it when folded?

Even when closed, Extra Lite Zena remains extremely compact, to the point that it could be comfortably housed in the trunk of a utility car. This feature, apparently of little consequence, is instead very important because it introduces elements of incredible flexibility in all those contexts in which the reduced accessibility (for example in the historical centers of the cities) prevents access to the common motor vehicles used in the services.



Folded height


Load capacity


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