Given the evolution in the type of trauma and the experience gained in operating contexts, the stretchers of the future must guarantee practicality, availability, efficiency and rapidity during use and transportation. Ergon, Me.Ber.’s latest generation stretcher, has been designed to overcome the technical limits of similar devices present on the market. Specifically, it has been designed to simplify the work of rescue professionals, guarantee patient safety and comfort, operate in difficult situations, facilitate operator training, comply with current regulations and anticipate those of the future.

Variable geometry locking device
Good spinal support. Minimal distance between the two halves of the stretcher.
Excellent handle distribution, all of the easy-grip type.
X-ray compatibility properties

Ergon Video Gallery

Ergon variable geometry comfort scoop stretcher: recovery in critical situations.

Outdoor recovery in critical conditions

Protocols for the use of the Ergon stretcher by Meber, during a recovery in critical conditions. Immobilization procedures and first aid interventions on traumatic patients.

Ergon variable geometry comfort scoop stretcher: X-FIX belt restraint system

Tutorial X-FIX
belt restraint system

How to fix carabiner belts on Ergon stretcher.


Ergon is the only stretcher able to perform variable geometry manoeuvres. This particular configuration can be obtained using the releasing jointed arm of the Flexilock locking device.
Ergon is easy to close even in difficult situations where conventional scoop stretchers are unsuitable. Once the two half-stretchers have been closed, even if in a log-roll position, the patient rests solidly on the full length of the stretcher. The patient can now be transferred in safety and the rescue professionals can complete the rotation manoeuvre (complete supination).

Sequence 1

Detail of standard locking device opening.

Sequence 2

Opening the half-stretchers.

Sequence 3

Release of the operating arm.

Sequence 4

Manoeuvring the operating arm.

Variable geometry locking device

Ergon is fitted with a new generation locking device positioned off-centre and in opposite pairs along the two sides of the stretcher, to allow a variable geometry. This innovation allows the rescue professional to operate in most rescue situations made difficult due to the characteristics of the ground or to perform rescues in confined or hostile environments.

The same...
but different

In standard situations, Ergon is used in exactly the same way as any known type of stretcher used for mobilisation: this helps even less-expert rescue professionals because the opening locking device is easy to identify and the stretcher is used as normal, without needing any particular skills or specific training.

Different situations,
a single solution

In situations in which the characteristics of the ground are difficult or handling space is restricted, use of a standard scoop stretcher is unsuitable, unless the patient is moved, which increases the risks of the lesions caused. In these cases, it is essential to use a device suitable for critical conditions.

Separation manoeuvre identical to that using a scoop stretcher

The Flexilock locking device is positioned off centre to allow rescue professionals to perform the closure manoeuvre away from the areas occupied by the patient’s head and feet and also to close the device, thus feeling the patient’s weight to a lesser degree as it is positioned centrally. The Flexilock locking device is counterlateral to avoid accidental opening of the device and is equipped with a central non-slip manoeuvre handle.


The materials of tomorrow make the difference in emergency rescue. Ergon is the first stretcher on the market in which materials with different mechanical characteristics are combined, using innovative processes. The aim is to create a more structurally resistant device.

Ergon is made using the injection moulding technique, with compound materials and metal inserts. It is composed of a soft material co-moulded onto a high resistance plastic polymer. The new system composed of three special materials makes the stretcher resistant to collisions and changes of temperature and flame retardant (EN 1021).

Unique features

Extension of the quick-release footplate

The high visibility release devices identify the foot side and allow elongation to suit the patient’s height. The stretcher reaches a length of 201 cm when fully extended.

Maximum resistance for the toughest of tasks

The tests performed on Ergon satisfy EN 1865 standards as regards load, flexion and torsion stress.

Optimised blade shape

New technologies have allowed us to drastically reduce the thickness of the blade, guaranteeing adequate support and better resistance over a vaster contact surface. The over-moulding between the rigid plastic module and the aluminium tube with an elliptic section, creates a single body that guarantees resistance to the various types of dynamic and static stress.

High heat retention and insulation

The shape of the stretcher favours patient accommodation, accompanies the natural curve of the ribcage and favours restraint and correct respiratory compliance. The use of HC3, in addition to guaranteeing absolute structural stability, also allows high thermal insulation.

Maximum rescue crew ergonomics

The handle grips are coated in HC3 and rotated 20° to favour a better grasp. Special supports and eyelets have been positioned for easy fastening of belts with spring catches. There are also a number of slots for patient immobilization using conventional devices.

The ERGON system

Product range.


Variable geometry comfort scoop stretcher green/blue

Art. 16150/V



Variable geometry comfort scoop stretcher yellow/blue

Art. 16150/G


Ergon Junior

Ergon Junior, variable geometry comfort scoop stretcher green/blue

Art. 16160/V


Ergon Junior

Ergon Junior, variable geometry comfort scoop stretcher yellow/blue

Art. 16160/G


Ergon accessories

Everything you need to make your Ergon stretcher operational to the max.

Bag for Ergon

Bag for storage
for Ergon stretcher

Code 16150-002


Winches bag for Ergon

Bag for transport
for Ergon stretcher

Code 16150-001


Black bag with 3 belts

Black bag with 3 orange belts in 2 pcs supplied with rapid unhooking plastic buckle for Ergon stretcher

Code 584



Snap hooks belt restraining system

Code 9156



Ergonomic head immobilizer with restrain belt

Code 9150



Padded adjustable head immobilizer, orange and blue

Code 621


Fixing system

Wall fixing system
for Ergon stretcher

Code 959



The greatest product for the smallest patients

Ergon puts its advanced technology at the service of young patients. The Junior version shares all the great benefits of the adult stretcher. The Flexilock locking device is off-centre to allow operation without invading the space occupied by the patient’s head and the wider than standard blade delivers absolute comfort even to the most demanding patients.

ERGON Downloads

Documents at your disposal.

Technical features



Folded height


Load capacity

Folded length


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