MeBer technical assistance area
More professionality and safety for the first aid and emergency operators

Rigid quality standards and structured 10G tests
With our maintenance and assistance services we want to grant quality of our products during their entire life cycle. Rigid standars of quality are used since the design phase, that is entirely based on CAD / CAM three-dimensional systems. Many MeBer products are tested 10G: the prohibitive test cycle which certifies that the products can withstand impacts of 10 times the force of gravity and remain still usable. The MeBer quality system is also certified ISO9001, a further guarantee for all customers and users. We want to support emergency and first aid operators, allowing them to operate safely for themselves and for the patients and ensuring a high level of professionalism.

Services of MeBer technical assistance area
Operators have to be present and available during the emergency and rescue.
At the same time, devices used by the operators have to ensure the same characteristics. In particular, stretchers, self loading trolleys and sedan chairs require maximum efficiency.
MeBer responds to this needs providing both internal and external specialized technical assistance for operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. For example, MeBer recommends to make annual revision after the first year of life of devices in order to optimize performances and the affidability of its products. MeBer technical assistance area activated a customer service to quickly and efficiently reply to any request for intervention and/or maintenance.
You can also request for quotes in order to plan a maintenance program for your dispositives.

Why do you have to use MeBer services?
There are several advantages by using MeBer assistance and maintenance services: